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About Carry9mm.

I created this site to catalog every 9mm concealed carry gun available for sale in the United States. Full specifications are included for every pistol from all 72 manufacturers that serve this market segment. The full lineup is always current. I update daily as new models launch and old models are discontinued.

In addition, I have authored the Handbook of 9mm Concealed Carry, a comprehensive resource for learning about 9mm ammo and pistol technology. I created this handbook to illustrate how things work in simple terms.

This site has no ads, no sponsorships, no paywalls, and no affiliate links. I am free to chase my philanthropic ventures without the need to chase funding.

My background is in chemical and mechanical engineering. My motivation for this site stems from a lifelong passion for firearms engineering and a deep desire to help people optimize their choices as they exercise their right to bear arms.

I’m committed to ensuring every piece of information is accurate. My career has been focused on scaling up first-of-kind manufacturing processes across all continents. The same attention to detail goes into this site.

I choose to stay anonymous since life is full of business endeavors that could get muddled with gun politics. Some would frown and shudder in disgust at the mission of Carry9mm.com:

Sharing enjoyment of firearms and providing helpful information for anyone interested in 9mm concealed carry guns.

⚠ WARNING: This website contains information known to the State of California to cause yearning for the choices available to Americans living in the other 49 states. Think hard before surrending any more of your rights. In California you can legally purchase only 23 of the 329 firearm models listed on this site.  For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.