9mm ammo cartridges in a full tray

9mm Ammo Manufacturers

There are over 50 brands offering factory loaded 9mm ammo in the U.S. market. Every ammo manufacturer and importer must be licensed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). The bulk of market share is served by these companies:

9mm ammo is a commodity product governed by supply and demand. It is generally priced in proportion to manufacturing cost which in turn depends on the materials of construction, complexity of fabrication steps, and control of variations. The brands with top-tier reputations for quality are able to command a premium on price up to +20%.

There have been several periods of time in the U.S. with excessive demand leading to severe ammo shortages and higher prices. This has culminated when society has been faced with civil unrest and with uncertainty of upcoming election outcomes that could restrict gun laws and defund law enforcement. Recent widespread shortages include 2020/21 (pandemic, riots, election, gun law initiatives), 2013 (Sandy Hook shooting prompting gun law debates), and 2008 (election). Over the past decade the average market price for 9mm full metal jacket ammo has ranged from 20 cents to 70 cents per round.

Quantity of ammo is measured in rounds. For example, 9mm ammo is typically offered for sale in boxes of 20 to 100 rounds or in plastic tubs of 200 or more rounds. There is slight discounting on price per round for the higher quantity units.

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