Fusion Firearms currently offers one 9mm concealed carry gun ≤ 7.5 inches in length
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Venice, FL

Fusion Firearms was founded in 2007 by Robert Serva, the former president of Dan Wesson firearms. The company fabricates frames, slides, barrels, and various parts for 1911 and 2011 pistols. In addition they build stock and custom pistols based on the 1911 platform.

Fusion Firearms Bantam
Fusion Firearms - Bantam

MSRP: $785 - 1,874
Capacity: 7+1 single stack
Size: 6.85"L × 4.8"H × 1.34"W
3.25" barrel
32.84 oz
Frame: steel, removable grips, no accessory rail
Action: hammer-fired SA
Safety: thumb safety (left side or ambi), grip safety
Controls: left side mag release, left side slide stop
Sights: front & rear black -or- 3 dot -or- 2 dot (figure 8) -or- tritium 3 dot -or- front fiber & rear black -or- fiber 3 dot; optics plate is optional